About Amanda

Life as Work

After walking several paths in my life, I repeatedly realized how incredibly painful life can be at times. Addressing personal and collective grief is away for us to address this pain and live with greater care for ourselves and the earth.

Thirteen years of sustainability experience and scientific education catalyzed me into exploring the intricacies of death and grief. My journey in the corporate world, and many hard lessons, showed me we often do not have agency around our death. Years of interpersonal support, teachings from wise elders, and a culmination of many life lessons helped liberate me to guide others in doing the same.

Utilizing practical, emotional and spiritual guidance, I support others in maintaining and/or reclaiming their sovereignty in life and in the active dying process. I also regularly facilitate six week grief groups, work one-on-one to build personal resiliency, and coordinate vigil and remembrance services.


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Experience and Education

Apprenticeships and Teachers

  • Seitai Shinpo Acupuncture Apprentice. I am forever learning and eternally grateful to be studying under Dr. Maekawa.

  • Thank you to the Maestros of the Puma Lineage of the Quechua for teaching many of us the way of your land. Gracias Corina, Alfredo, Anna, Kevin, and Percy.

  • Thank you Elder Coyote Marie Hunter-Ripper for sharing your teachings and giving permission to me to use some of your Oklahoma Cherokee medicine.

  • Maestra Anna, I am forever thankful for who you are, what you have taught me and what is yet to come. I honor your Kruk wisdom, Shipbio medicine and Quechua soul.


Without these indigenous teachers I would still be miserable and lost without the capacity to help others. Thank you for helping me remember my humanity and heart.

Living Through Loss Grief Group Facilitator

Using 30 years of experience, grief counselors developed and train non-medical experts using their grief group program. The training taught us how to guide people through their grief and cultivate a supportive space to facilitate a six week grief group.

Advanced Care Planning Certified Facilitator

Respecting Choices training on how to facilitate conversations and completion of Advanced Care Directive Plans and Power of Attorney selection.

A Sacred Passing I & II

Furthered training on the intricacies of how to be a compassionate and effective Death Doula. Included vigil coordination, legacy project development, body washing, Death Plan creation, etc.

International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA)

Learned the three-phase model that serves as the foundation for the doula approach and the philosophy and spirit of service that underpins the approach.

Master's of Sustainable Management

Studied and applied learning on the intersection of humanity and the environment at University of Wisconsin.

Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Doctor of Acupuncture (DAc) candidate 2024.


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