The Silent Shaper

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Trauma comes in many forms. No one incident can be dismissed as not being important.

Trauma. What is trauma? An accident, a partner hitting you or a parent not feeding you? No. Trauma is much more than a single event. It is a silent shaper - weaving its web of lifelong pain and sorrow. Stored in our body, hearts and mind. This physical memory makes us love abusers, see ourselves as less than and relive the torture on repeat. Trauma cannot be forgotten, because its that hungry child within, asking for love, a hot meal and a sweet lullaby.

Trauma cannot be forgotten, because it's that hungry child within, asking for love, a hot meal and a sweet lullaby.

Trauma defines our lives, calling in our fears, sadness and obsessions. Trauma seems fucked. Subconsciously making us miss the abuse when it is not near. Never ending, it seems, finding its way to the surface when the littlest thing happens.

There is a way through though, not by running but by sitting. Sitting with yourself and your trauma. Having a warm cup of Ovaltine and loving your trauma on a cold winter's night. Going deep with your trauma, thanking and loving it for protecting you when you needed her the most. But then saying I love you from afar. Appreciate where this trauma came from, recognizing how it protected you and made you feel strong for a fleeting moment. Trauma built that black, stormy castle in the sky and it is our love for her that will transmute the pain into the pearly gates.

Our stories were shaped by trauma, but we are no longer defined by her once we bid her a sweet goodbye. Once the trauma accepts your gentle send-off, you are able to truly be you, expansive.

We are US. Dancing with expansion and love. Trauma free - expansive - FREE and light.

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