Paper vs. Rock

Author: Leah Boyer

It took me years to make my way out of that great, thick fog. The remnants of exhaustion are still

clinging to my bones

Remove them.

Take the tendrils of fear and doubt away from my heart

I know the struggle to keep connection with you, is the struggle to connect to myself

Help light the path so that I can keep walking in the right direction

If you are sending paper airplanes of inspiration in my direction, and I am too distracted to notice,

please don’t throw rocks.

Instead fill the skies of my awareness with so many paper airplanes that I cannot help but see you

Help me rebuild myself after being stripped down

Make it that the victories outweigh the failures

Give me the opportunity to connect to others in a way that is meaningful, and has the depth I’ve always

searched for

Give me the courage to show my true self. To gracefully step up, and into life without hesitation

Please don’t mistake my recent string of big requests for ungratefulness. It is because I have seen

what you, and my connection to you, can do; that I am so bold in my asking.

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