Hallway of Don'ts

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

External expectations and internal dialogue influenced by these expectations often become the source of our depression. Letting go of influenced expectations helps us regain our sovereignty.

Let go of the shoulds and don'ts.

(Bare Mountain, WA)

Don't breathe too much. Don't talk too much. Don't end up alone. Don't be aggressive. Don't say what you truly feel. Don't question authority. Don't let people know you're struggling, depressed. All the don'ts that colonized society has laid out for us. All these don'ts add up to expectations. These expectations then creep into depression. Though, even the term depression is a westernized box; label of what others define is going on. This "depression," is just a clinical term for the soul being constrained by societal expectations. Self expectations. Ideas of what we should do versus what we want to do. Expectations, like a noose around the neck growing tighter. Tighter.

Yet, truly sitting and allowing yourself to feel your soul's desires washes the shoulds and don'ts away. The don'ts turn into wants and doing. The wants become passions. The doing turns into self-realization. The realization of Self rejects expectations and accepts love.

Depression, the don'ts, and shoulds no longer exist when the soul is able to finally unravel the noose.

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