Cloak of Resistance

Updated: May 9, 2020

Musings about pain, grief and acceptance

Resistance is futile. Resist love and hurt. Hurt and resist, and it hurts more.

Hurt is not caused by externalities, it is caused by our denial of love for ourselves. We resist pain thinking denying it light will tuck it in for good. Yet, the hurt keeps coming until we allow the moon's rays to guide it to resolution. The more we resist light, the more the pain burrows into our soul.

But how do we make the pain stop? #Instagram, sex, drinking, drugs - more distractions? No. Distractions are just resistance to seeing what our souls want to shed. Seeing our point of pain is difficult through the labyrinth of walls our subconscious created. Protecting us from things that use to hurt us. But now, the only hurt comes from the torment we inflict on ourselves. Reliving pain from years past. Resisting pain. Resting love.

Until we slip the cloak of resistance off, we cannot truly be free.

Resistance is futile.

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