Nature Based Offerings

Every aspect of life is a transition, nothing is stagnate. During the toughest of transitions is where I show up best for people. I collaborate with community members, doulas and healthcare workers to help you through the murky waters and shadowy side of life.


Profound lessons from my elders rooted my understanding in how intricately we weave into nature. The shepherding of each person or cohort of people is designed to help you integrate grief, build resiliency and prepare for/understand death.


Death Care

Emotional, practical and spiritual end-of-life guidance. Meet in person or online.


End-of-Life Planning

The knowledge of knowing we are going to die can be very scary for some. Being prepared, at any stage of life brings ease and calmness for all who are touched by your life and death.

Death Plan, Advanced Care Directive, Health Options, Grief Exploration, Life Review, Remembrance Requests



Rework grief by becoming partners with it rather than its victim. Meet remotely.


Grief Integration

Grief does not define us, it reveals us. This can be incredibly difficult to hear and yet necessary when the time is right. Working together 1-1 will help shift your experience with your grief, guide you to what is already in you and help you shed what has caused so much constriction.

Talking story, intuition building, somatic tools, guided meditation and nature-centered practices are curated for the individual per session.



Grief Group

Grieving collectively is innately human. Almost every indigenous culture has a process to mourn collectively after a death. Grief group offers a space to learn about grief and connect with other grievers online.

Learn what is grief, how we mourn, why rituals help us process, physical grief processing techniques and have a space to talk with others going through it.


Guidance through ancestral wounds and current grief. Meet remotely.


Ancestral Wounds

You will be guided through exploring the source of your ancestral wounds. We will then build a ritual intuitively based on what you need to let go or call in. This guidance comes with two meetings (45 mins each), one to set expectations and explore together, and the other to complete the ritual designed by intuition.

Understanding Grief, Accessing Grief to Catalyze Change, Let Go of Old, Bring in What Serves

Group Discussion


Grief & death education for healthcare workers & death adjacent people. Meet remotely.


Healthcare Teachings

As a wellness worker supporting others is the bedrock of your work. Amanda teaches groups of nurses, and death workers 1-1 to sit with someone else's grief and how to be selflessly present. Education is offered in three and five week sharing circle format.

Learn what causes grief, how grief manifests physically, how to be with others as they grieve, how to release your attachments and grief and more.

Donations of Support

Your support and contributions enable Amanda to provide compassionate offerings and time at reduced rates to local Kama'aina and qualifying people worldwide. 

For the benefit of all.