Guiding individuals, families and organizations

Supporting the whole person, their people and medical team is how I show up. This support ranges based on needs and includes:

  • Emotional, Spiritual (if desired) and Practical Support

  • Death Plan and Legacy Project Creation

  • Wellness Advocacy

  • Grief Support Groups

  • Daily Companionship

  • Vibrational Meditation and Tapping (EFT)

  • Vigil Coordination and Sitting

  • Life Guidance


In partnership with a collective of doulas, Stone Circles Collective, Life and Death Center and medical professionals, I also offer vigil coordination and caregiver respite.

What is a Vigil?

A vigil

can mean different things to some but to many it is when witnesses sit with a dying person for three days prior to or upon death. This time allows loved ones to connect with the dying person through  readings, touch, love and ritually washing their body after death (if requested by the dying person).

Why A Death Plan?

A Death Plan

fills in gaps not covered by a living will, last will and testament, Advanced Care Directive or funeral plan. It is designed to create a cohesive process for families and loved ones to follow with ease, while maintaining your autonomy. The plan you design caters to how you want to be treated during and after the dying process, a will and trust, for instance focuses on material things and money, not the person. A Death Plan is legally upheld, once notarized, and removes the stress of figuring out the logistics of your care and service. The whole death plan communicates your wishes legally to loved ones and medical professionals. It is suggested that a conversation with loved ones is had regarding your wishes prior to selecting a Power of Attorney, for example.

How will a Doula Support?

A Death Doula

is a supportive person with expertise and skills to support the dying person and their people during and after active transition. A Doula supports during the most difficult times when medical staff, social workers, and family do not have the bandwidth or experience to maintain the clients autonomy and wishes. Support ranges based on the need and desires but focuses on healthcare interpretation and logistics, communication and coordination, emotional and spiritual support and all the other things you wish your best friend could do for you.