Life Summary

Amanda believes addressing personal and collective grief will lead to greater care for the earth. The 13 years of sustainability experience and Graduate education in Sustainable Management led Amanda to unfold the intricacies of humanity, and her desire to help others cultivate their agency around grief and death. Years of interpersonal support, teachings from wise elders, and a culmination of many life lessons, helped Amanda craft processes to release grief and realize our special agency.

Through herbalism, vibration, and intention Amanda helps you heal the spirit. Through guidance - ease the mind and body, and with joy and acceptance help heal the collective. Utilizing these practical and emotional tools, Amanda guides others in reclaiming their sovereignty in life and in the active dying process. After the dying process, Amanda ensures you are cared for and celebrated according to your wishes.


Vigil Coordination  Writing     Care Planning    Grief Processing
Legacy Development 
  Non-biased Guidance  Wellness Advocacy     Green Burials  Vibrational Mediation  Compassion  Plant Support

Training and Education

Advanced Care Planning Certified Facilitator

Respecting Choices training on how to facilitate conversations and completion of Advanced Care Directive Plans and Power of Attorney selection.

A Sacred Passing I & II

Furthered training on the intricacies of how to be a compassionate and effective Death Doula. Included vigil coordination, legacy project development, body washing, Death Plan creation, etc.

No One Dies Alone Instructor

A Program developed by Peace Health to understand how to train organizations and groups on how to assist people dying alone. Instructors guide groups of volunteers in creating a phone tree and system to assist residents within 72 hours of dying.

International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA)

Learned the three-phase model that serves as the foundation for the doula approach and the philosophy and spirit of service that underpins the approach.

Master's of Sustainable Management

Studied and applied learning on the intersection of humanity and the environment.


Legacy Projects  Writing     Jewelry Making    Vibrational Meditation  Restorative Justice    Healthcare Rights    Connecting with People of Different Backgrounds

Community Engagement  Dancing  Reading

Live Music   Cooking   Plant Medicine

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