We often feel unsupported in our grief process and end-up ignoring our  our intuition. In many nature-centered cultures this inner strength is awakened with the help of elders, midwives or guides. In western culture many of us were trained or forced to not have a connection to the natural order. We have lost the space, time and community to go inward to truly grieve, naturally die and collectively mourn. We have the ability to live humanly and some of us just need help remembering how. Doulas help us remember our humaness through guiding us during intense times of transition.


As a doula, I show up much like my yia-yia did for her community - through wellness, spirit, emotion and physical support. Every aspect of life is a transition, and I am here to shepherd you through these transitions. You will be supported with integrating your grief, building resiliency and/or prepare for death.

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