"Wisdom is a knower in you. Not something that you know, something that knows you."  

- J. Gary Sparks



Throughout our lives we often lack the guidance we need or want to find our knowing. This knowing, in many human-centered cultures, is unfurled with the help of elders, midwives or guides. In western society many of us have lost our connection to the natural order, including allowing ourselves the time to grieve, go inward and grow.


A doula is there to support in the way my yia-yia would have to her community - through health, spirit, emotion and reality. Every aspect of life is a transition and Amanda walks with you as you find your peace and knowing.

Advanced Care Planning
Grief Support Groups  Knowing Guidance

Shadow work  Grief Integration

Remembrance Celebration   Life Review 

In-Home Companionship

Wellness Advocacy

"I am privileged to have worked with Amanda for over four years. We have worked in the United States, as well as internationally together. She has been an incredible rock in my life and guide in times of deep grief.

The biggest turning point with my grief is when Amanda offered a private session that helped me see my point of trauma; the deepest trauma of my life. After this session, many things changed in my life, including changing deep, ingrained patterns that were holding me back. She has been present and loving during intense times of grief and showed me how to be a better version of myself in all ways.

I cannot recommend Amanda more for her life guidance, trauma processing, vibrational meditation, and one-on-one support.

Thank you Amanda for the positive influence you continue to have on me and my family. You and the specific practices you offer have saved my life."

Anna Keppen

Health & Spiritual Educator


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